How the order work:

1. Select one of our Categories from the menu to the left and choose a Sub Category.

2. The products in that Sub Category will appear. Click the button for the product that you wish to buy. The product will be placed in the order list and you can continue
placing order by clicking on the "Back To Shop" button.

3. You can change the quantity or remove a product that you have in the order list, to add more quantity from the same product change only the number and to remove a product from your ordr list write 0 (zero) than Click on "Update Order " button.

4. When you are finished shopping, click on the "Check Order".

5. The order form will be shown. Your personal information will be added automaticly in the fields and confirm the deal. Your order will be sent to our customer service with e-mail. Click on the button "Send Order". You will receive an order confirmation with e-mail.

6.If you would like to ship the package to a separate address, just fill in the Delivery Address (If different from the billing address).

If the Order basket only accepts one product.

Order basket only accepts one product. This is a bug in MSIE that happens when the security level is too high, it blocks the cookie.In Internet Explorer, click Tools<Internet options> Privacy and turn level to accept all cookies.

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