Quality Information

Our crystals is produced in the traditional crystal-moulding way. That means that the entire process is carried out by hand, even the moulds are hand-made. Crystal moulding by hand calls for great expertise. Each gathering of molten crystal must be at the right temperature, and the quantity must be the just right for each moulding. The technique makes heavy demands on the quality of the crystal, and its design, which Presens Z.K. Ltd AB stands for.

Most major glassworks differentiate between primary and secondary quality by the size and placement of bubbles in the glass. Bubbles over 2 mm in size usually relegate an item to second class in the major glassworks. Quality control in the major glassworks are responsible for weeding them out. Understandably, personalized items cannot be accepted for return; cancellations must be made within 24 hours of placing your order. All returns or exchanges must be made within 30 days of order.


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